Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 2, 2010

The last days were pretty hard in that, I slept all day, getting up only to go to the meals-where I sat alone- and go back to sleep, while I stayed up all night- unable to sleep. No one was around, and I really couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t call anyone, I couldn’t use my computer since I did not have an adaptor… it was lonely. By day 3, however, Mahima called and said she was in town. She picked me up in the afternoon, we said goodbye to Umesh and went to the city. Parked the car via valet, and met a number of her friends on a stoop of a coffee shop. We wandered the city a bit, and drank beer at temptations, this small, open, dirty bar. I spent a lot of time with her and a girl named Kris, who I really liked. These two tried to explain the crazy schooling system of India, and they both seemed to think it was fucked up. They talked a lot about the family pressures regarding school and career choices. It sounded extremely stressful, but even through their anger, they remained pretty upbeat.
I heard a lot about LGBT in Bangalore, and was introduced to a new catchy tune to that of the Barney song, “I love you, you love me, homosexuality, and the whole world thought that we’re just friends, when actually we’re lesbians”. How great. Haha. Many hours later we went for food. Indian street food… pretty sure that would be a terrible idea, since it was my third day there, and as all street food is- it was dirty, busy, questionable, and CHEAP. I drank this green thing… which apparently was a mix of spices and water. It made your whole throat and mouth tingle for a very long time. We had indo-chinese food, “fride rice” and chad. It was delicious, and for a huge plate, it cost 25 rupees (50 rupees is 1 dollar). We ate well and then went to Pebbles. Pebbles is an open air huge, super classy dance club. Candle lighting, tons of vegetation and trees. It is incredible. There are little hide away nooks with tables, and platforms to dance on. It was a really cool place, and the music was great, although I was jet-lagged and exhausted, so the dancing was kept to a minimum. I met more people here, and got to hear funny stories about call stations. Eventually, I got dropped off at home, but was wide awake, and fell asleep only briefly before the door rang. Expecting to see emma, I got up and looked through the peep hole, Umesh, security, and an Italian girl named Benny waited. Benny is from italy, shes my roommate studying fashion design. She speaks mainly Italian, and has been studying English.
            We stayed up most of the night talking and such, eventually falling asleep.

looking outside my room, at our mini fridge

my bed

the peep hole is actually a hole

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