Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 22, 2010

Friday, media class.
Wed. we went to ladies night which is always a treat. We went for dosas and coffee and the indian coffee house first- the place that has been there since before the British! I love that place, its 40 cents for a dosa and 10 cents for a coffee and the people are very friendly!

Then to the Tavern where I met some very interesting people. Lots and lots of names.
There were media students, resturaunt owners, pilots, photographers, people living in the himalayas working as civil engineers, a woman opening a spa in Bangalore, a man who facebooks all day at work, and then some. Each time we go is much better than the last. We had a great time and a bit of an adventure on the way home. I refused to go to bed for awhile for fear of ear buzzing business, so I stayed up for awhile laying out on the couch in the main room before giving in to sleep.

Thursday was another long day of wireframes. I got up early and, as if I hadn't had enough dosas, went to a restaurant near my campus for a dosa and coffee: 50 cents

class class class, wireframes, flowcharts, scenarios, personas, presentations, wireframes, forever.
Arvind gave us part of wellness- which was lovely and I ran into Mahima after buying bananas and papaya at the market.

I got permission to stay at the school late on Friday gross
and I worked most of last night writing about Marshall McLuhan and the "medium is the message" business.

Liberal Arts today- more media business, crosswords, headlines, editing for the web, etc. I like my teacher a lot and the class is great.

Gokarna this weekend- tomorrow we get on the bus-12 hours!

Should be relaxing

There is a class here that is based on agriculture and design. I don't know much about it other than it sounded really interesting and they get to be gardening/farming.

We have recently purchased harem pants and then fell in love with them. It is kind of like wearing super soft pajama pants and that being completely acceptable. I think of Aladdin constantly.


  1. your house looks like a meth lab.

  2. how do you know what a meth lab looks like?

  3. the internetz tell me everything.