Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29, 2010

At home, I call my dad saying

I have never worked this hard in my life

but NOW
i can say
I have NEVER (note capitalization) worked this hard in my life. 

two days learning html
two days
thast it- !
that’s not possible nor healthy
no no no no

arvind is crazy-crazy crazy
but I appreciate his pushing us-for the impossible
the challenge is nice-I suppose but steep!

That said, 

I am so comfortable here
not with regards to the house, the classrooms, my bed and such
but with regards to clothes
I can walk around school in bare feet
Rima just bought me these crazy pants
(Bright ones- Ill put up a picture) that should be a whole new class of clothing

Its impossible not to be happy in these pants-they are super bright-but more importantly, they are insanely comfortable. 
 It’s like… not wearing any pants, only somehow its much much better. 

media class today- photo essay due in two weeks
and then we are doing web journalism things- blogging and such.
He also claims we will be using facebook-?

Its cool here today
aladdin pants and a tank top cool

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  1. Thanks for posting your experiences. It's great to read and your photos are excellent. I love your sunset photo. Get yourself in a photo some time so we can see you there.


    Uncle Jay