Monday, January 18, 2010

jan 17, 2010

The work ethic here is crazy, or has crazy effect on me. I literally sit at the computer from 9-5 or 6 working, i get tea, work at my computer some more, eat dinner, and then I work again until Rima kicks me out so they can go to bed haha, and I go home to work some more-until I give up for sleep... theres a little bit of browsing the web and writing emails, but not nearly enough for me to call it procrastination.
Then I try to sleep with things buzzing in my ears and wake up at 7:30, make it to school by 8... class starts at 9:30. This is not right.
AND to think I spent my only day of the entire week at the school- I had to beg for permission, well not beg, but ask like 4 different people and make some phone calls.

This is concerning.
This is supposed to be study abroad.
This is crazy.
But I like it

Id like just a LITTLE more sleep, though.

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